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Our employees are our most valued asset

Our People

We pride ourselves on our employee diversity and inclusivity. We are comprised of a dedicated group of seasoned professionals who are intelligent, sharp, serious and passionate about their job.


We enjoy a great mix of people including both native Israelis and Olim from various countries with all kinds of backgrounds.

Our Values

We believe in providing our employees the flexibility to manage their schedule in a manner that allows them to prioritize family and hobbies, and create the work/life balance that works best for them. Our focus is on success/tasks rather than hours.

Our team is a group of talented people who like to develop and grow. We invest in our employees, be it on their technological level or advancement of managerial skills, and encourage employee knowledge sharing.

Together / Apart

We meet once a month in the office for an all-hands meeting for professional development, training sessions, general get together and a fun paid company lunch. We also meet for happy hours on Zoom to see each other more often.

Our work from home model allows us to find great talent, wherever they’re located in Israel. Of course, our office is always open to anyone who would like to work from there.

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62% Male

38% Female

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Our Journey


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New Office

In February, Brix Software relocated to a new, beautiful headquarters in Jerusalem’s Har Hotzvim industry park.


Our CEO, Moshe Tzvi Wieder, took the transition from working at Cross River as a Senior Technical Lead to heading up and leading Brix Software.


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Website Mini-people Assets.png


We were named the 3rd fastest growing mid-sized company in Israel in June


Brix Software officially hits 100 employees! We're quickly growing and always evolving. Keep your eyes out for what’s to come!




Flexible Hours

We focus on work product and not hours.  We know that each team member knows best how to be productive while balancing their non-work commitments as well.  As a result, employees feel comfortable to deal with personal issues during the course of the workday, removing stress from an otherwise uncomfortable situation.  Additionally, employees who have family in other time zones around the world, enjoy the ability to travel and visit their family for weeks at a time, while working their local hours.


While most companies in the Hi-Tech space provide their employees with a meal card, because we support our employees living all over the country, we instead provide those funds to the employees directly as a stipend. Our office also offers a stocked fridge and snack bar.


Because we view our employees as part of our family, we provide comprehensive supplemental private health insurance to each employee.

Professional Development

We encourage all team members to invest in their own growth and provide an annual financial allotment for each employee to further learn and develop. Many team members take courses and attend professional seminars. We also offer in-house English classes for employees that want to further develop their written and spoken English language.

Giving Back

Our employees are encouraged to volunteer and give back to their communities.  Several days a  year are organized as volunteer days and employees are encouraged to spend their time helping improve the Country.

Taking A Break

Our generous vacation day policy includes providing our employees with vacation on Tisha B'Av, Purim, half days on Chol Ha'Moed Pesach and Sukkot and Erev Chag, without deducting from the employees personal vacation bank.  Additionally, while we strongly encourage our employees to use their vacation days, it’s possible to roll over up to half of their  unused vacation days to the next year.

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