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Celebrating 50 With a Feast!

In celebration of our 50th employee, Brix hosted a company-wide luncheon, at the lovely Rodriguez restaurant. Following a busy day of company meetings, get togethers and knowledge sharing, this delicious meat festival was a real treat!

The luncheon was a great opportunity to acknowledge 3 remarkable employees who contributed greatly to reaching this milestone: Maya Zalmanson-Elle, Director of Office Administration, for making so many dreams and ideas come to life; Noam Blidstein, Director of IT operations, for creating the infrastructure and overseas collaboration that allow our day-to-day be less frustrating and more fruitful; and Debbie Oziel, Director of Talent Acquisition, for working tirelessly towards finding the best people to become part of the Brix family, both technically and personally.

With many challenges on our plate, we look forward to the 100th employee luncheon…

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