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Coming Together, Finally…

March 2020 was the last time we all came together as a company, spending time together in the same physical space. Then Covid-19 hit and we, along with everyone else, stayed home, locked down, blessed to have already been used and set up to work from home. Last summer, when restrictions eased a bit, some of us were able to participate in a company picnic, but again – not fully together, as capsules mandated smaller groups. And during this entire time, we kept hiring and many new employees had joined our company. We improved our remote hiring and onboarding processes, but we’re still people, in need of human interactions...

We were then scheduled to have an in-person company meeting in mid-May, a plan that was once again postponed, when operation Guardian of the Walls was in full swing.

So finally, after a long wait, yesterday we were able to meet again, as an entire company!

It was a wonderful time to meet and greet, chat with your teammates in person (for more than half of us it was the first time!) and enjoy each other’s company. We had a chance to schmooze, catch up technologically, have lunch, and even playfully (and briefly) get to know some of our newer colleagues.

During the past few months our teams have worked on some exciting technological advancements, including major DevOps process automation, implementing new technology to existing systems and streamlining marketplace landing processes.

But more importantly, we had two very special participants in this meeting. Actions speak louder than words, and the 2 babies who joined us truly demonstrated how Brix is not only a great workplace for everyone, but particularly for working parents.

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