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Coronavirus and Working Remotely

In an article titled “The world's biggest work-from-home experiment has been triggered by coronavirus, the author lays out the current panic in China around how to maintain workplace productivity while avoiding the risk of spreading a virus. The solution is attempting to facilitate employees working remotely, from the comfort of their homes. While flex work has been gaining in popularity in recent years, due to the value companies are seeing in allowing their employees to take ownership of how to balance work and personal time, few companies have fully embraced the concept and allowed full flexibility to their employees. It must also be noted that flex work only makes sense in certain professional realms where the only interaction required can be done virtually; no one has yet figured out how to allow assembly-line workers to work from home. Hopefully, the last person has been infected with Coronavirus and a vaccination is found soon, but this epidemic has brought to the forefront another advantage of allowing employees to work from home – there is no question that the changing seasons portend an uptick in contraction of contagious diseases and a traditional office is a fantastic place for the spreading of those viruses. Companies who fully embrace working remotely also benefit from their employees taking fewer sick days as a result.

At Brix, we value the "work where you want, when you want" ethos. We believe that higher productivity, technological innovation and employee happiness comes from treating employees like adults as opposed to stapling them to their desks. Fortunately, if you want to join this revolution, and stay healthy, we are looking to fill about 50 roles this year in Israel.


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