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Employee Spotlight: Marlene Lavenda

Meet Marlene Lavenda:

Marlene Lavenda - Head of Data Science & Analytics

Originally from Italy, Marlene studied at university in England which is where she discovered data analysis. Marlene began working in England and was recruited to work at Fico where she learned to develop credit scoring models for Europe and Middle East. Following that experience Marlene made aliyah to Israel and carried on working as an analytics consultant and specializing in credit risk. Marlene enjoyed analytics but wanted to be moving faster so she left the banking world and began working in a startup in the fintech sector. After working in a fintech startup Marlene decided to join Brix where she was able to combine her experience in banking with the newest techniques that Brix has to offer.

Marlene has now been at Brix for 4 months and is looking forward to developing new methodologies and models that will help Brix grown even further. Marlene has enjoyed her time at Brix being able to bring the business and development worlds together and helping make connections. When not analyzing data for Brix Marlene enjoys cooking and putting together travel itineraries for trips.


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