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Employee Spotlight: Yom Ha’Aliyah - Uri Keselman

Uri Kesleman

With roughly half of Brix employees being Olim, what better way to commemorate Yom Ha’Aliyah than to focus our spotlight on one of our own. Meet Uri Kesselman, full stack development team leader, who’s been with Brix for almost a year. Uri is a software engineer who earned his degree from Ort Braude College. He’s been writing code for his entire career, managing teams and growing with the .net technologies. When reaching a glass ceiling at his previous workplace and getting tired of wasting his time and energy commuting, Uri, who’s been working in the financial and banking field all along, had come onboard at Brix. He was pleased to discover that not only it’s a growing company, but one that is also very open-minded regarding embracing new technologies.

Originally from the FSU, Uri made Aliya from Ukraine at the age of 11, alongside hundreds of thousands of others. He describes the 1980s Ukraine as a very antisemitic country. As a child, he didn’t experience it much, but his parents, who did, chose a different life path for their children. He’d never visited since he left, and has no intention to. One of his vivid memories was that in the USSR, grocery stores had empty shelves and only basics were available (he never even heard of snacks, soft drinks etc.). When he first visited a typical grocery store in Israel, he couldn’t believe his eyes with the selection that was available here.

Today he lives in Tel Aviv and doesn’t feel one-bit Ukranian. In the time not spent commuting, he loves soccer – both watching and playing with his own kid.


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