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Getting Together Is More Important Than Ever

Being a WFH-based company means we have a lot going on remotely – team sessions,

happy hours, company meetings, and much more. In this sense, we were lucky and blessed to have been a bit more prepped for the sudden change that Covid-19 forced on the entire market. But people are still people, and despite our numerous platforms and ways of seeing each other, we really missed the personal touch…

Last week we hosted 2 picnic breakfasts, to comply with the Ministry of Health’s Tav Sagol guidelines. Each picnic entertained up to 30 people (no exceptions!), out in the open, with people wearing masks. The employees who attended enjoyed fresh air, delicious food and great company.

For some of us, it was a chance to get together after a long time of only seeing each other

over screens; for others, it was a chance to meet their team members in person for the first time! Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis we’ve hired more than 15 new employees, and the picnic was an opportunity for some of our newest employees, just starting this week, to meet and greet. It was a great opportunity to enjoy some distant face-to-face time, catch up on business and pleasure, and spend some leisure time together.

No party is ever complete without swag, and this was no exception. Our partners at Cross River Bank were generous enough to present each and every employee with a great summer package, perfect for enjoying the rest of the summer.

We can’t wait for the next company meet up!


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