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Brix Ladies Share Top Tips For Balancing Life And Work

For the most part, the world we live in nowadays assumes women can do it all: be mothers and wives extraordinaire, prominent professionals, and always on top of everything. All that in the 24-hours-a-day time-frame.

At Brix, we know that enabling our employees flexibility, allowing them to balance work responsibilities and home responsibilities, and in many cases – work whenever they want, wherever they want – is a win-win for everyone. We find that our employees are happier, better performers, better deliverers thanks to this approach. Moreover, we pride ourselves for 35% of our employees who are women, and that women fill 50% of the leadership roles in our company. Moreover, 92% of our employees are parents!

In celebration of international women’s day, our remarkable ladies offer some insights to a healthier life:


While certain chores simply must happen at some point, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do it. As the African proverb says: “It takes a village”…

o Pay someone to help you

o Order online and save the stand-in-line, driving and schlepping time

o Focus on your strengths and outsource or delegate the rest to others

Time Management

A wise woman I know says that the more management you have for your time, the more time you end up having. Here’s what our ladies do:

o Start working early, at 6am-7am, so that you can spend more time with your family later in the day

o Prioritize!

These categories often help:

- Urgent and important

- Important but not urgent

- Urgent but not important

- Neither urgent nor important

o Make checklists to make sure you get everything covered

o Have set work hours, and stick to them as much as possible

o Turn off your computer and phone at some point


Once in a blue moon you meet someone who’s literally good at everything. But most of us know our strengths and know how we’d really want to spend our time.

o Be present where you are

o Reduce or eliminate multi-tasking

o Focus on activities you specialize in and value most


The best workplaces recognize that their employees are real people with real needs — they are "humans," not just "human resources." Here’s what our ladies do:

o Make your workspace work for you ergonomically

o Use conferencing technologies

o Find a family-friendly workplace

o Work from home!

Do you want to join our fabulous ladies? Do you have a tip to share?

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