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Meet Our Data Devotees

Data makes the world goes around. There are so many reasons and uses for data, from getting the results you want to backing up your arguments or finding solutions to problems. In our case, data is used primarily to making informed decisions and being strategic in our approach.

Our data group is focused mainly on financial crimes, which include two main aspects: anti money laundering and fraud prevention. As an R&D partner to a commercial bank, this is an issue of great concern, both to Cross River Bank and their way of doing business (regarding client information with utmost sensitively or securing trade secrets), and to the regulator, who puts great emphasis on safeguarding the banking business.

Here at Brix, our data group is directing its efforts to 3 main pillars:

Data Intelligence, which is the preliminary step, based on the understanding that there is a lot of data everywhere, and in order to put it to use, one needs to organize it first, map out that data’s quality, and make it usable.

Data Engineering, which is taking all the existing data, which comes in different shapes and forms (it can be a database, a table, JSON or XML files, the Internet, etc), and engineer it to meet our needs. A process is created to collect all that data and enable working with it. That includes designing the data structure and flow in a manner that supports the analytical need, as well as “cleaning” it and completing whatever is missing. This way we have the optimal data for the analysts to work with.

Data Science and Analytics, which is the part that develops various models and analytical processes in order to create quality detection mechanisms to better monitor any suspicious activity there might be happening in the bank (we’re in the anti money laundering and fraud detection business, remember?...).

Using these pillars, our data group provides a vast array of outputs: an on-demand analysis, a spreadsheet of analytical findings, optimizing systems, crafting unique models to address specific business needs, an app to support business decisions, and much more. This is based on tremendous amounts of research, methodology and model dynamic development, technique development and best practices. All of these outputs must meet very high regulation standards and model governance, and every step we take or decision we make are documented for future audit purposes.

Like many other things in life, data is a matter of passion. It’s a challenge that is never easy and you have to navigate an unknown territory. But this team doesn’t just help the bank earn more money, but protects its reputation and clients’ assets, unmask the bad guys, and in general – solve principle problems. Our data team is still evolving its methodology – they’re creative, flexible, courageous and are not afraid of making mistakes, from which they always learn. Brix allows the data group a great work climate to research, learn, think, create their processes and outputs, solve real business problems, and often times be the game changer. This is what makes our team push forward and always smile!

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