• mwieder

Mental Health

In the past few months, several studies have been published that concluded what we already knew in the back of our minds; months of being cooped up at home with the stress of a global pandemic hanging over our heads is having a negative impact on our mental health. The blurring lines between work, home, sleep, parenting, etc. under constant stress is taking us away from our best selves. This probably comes as no surprise to the others we interact with on a daily basis.

With the likelihood that we’re probably several months away from any respite, we wanted to help our employees deal with these challenges. We identified a few areas that we felt would be most impactful in doing so. Firstly, although actively working on our mental health has a certain stigma, in these times, it seems a critical component to our well-being. As such, we decided to offer every interested employee a 1 year subscription to either Calm or Yoga International. I started using Calm about a month ago and just the 10 minute “daily calm” has done a nice job of rebalancing me during my day. Secondly, we are spending way too much time lately in front of screens. Not sure I ever thought I’d say this, but a positive part of our (RIP) daily commute was it forced us to not look at a screen for a dedicated period of time. That, coupled with needing to help kids with homework, connecting to zooms and wrestling over devices has left little space for adult human connection. To that end, we provided two options for our employees – one a copy of Pandemic:Legacy, a highly regarded cooperative board game (age 14+) where you and your significant other can set aside

an hour or two every week working together to vanquish a deadly virus from taking over the world. The second option is from a local company that provides a date-night in a box to help escape, even if only for a night.

It’s critically important we all pay attention to how we’re doing and actively find ways to ensure we remain grounded. It is my privilege as an employer to try and do what I can to help our families get through this together.

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