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Promotion Spotlight

Have you ever been promoted after only 15 months? Have you ever promoted an employee so quickly?

We have and are proud of it!

Meet Ofir – 36 years old, married and father of 2 kids, born and bred in Jerusalem. He’s been drawn to the world of computers and information systems ever since he can remember, and actively pursued that career starting at the age of 10. A computer science major, he worked at Intel as a student, and stayed there as a developer in 2 different groups. Your own computer probably has the Thunderbolt controller he participated in developing… Aleksey, his teammate from Intel, was actually the one to bring him to Brix (and then become his team leader).

With most of his career spent at large corporates and well-known companies, his concern about taking a job working from home with the small, not-so-well-known Brix Software, is well understood. But after only one month, when he got to know the team, the products and the spirit, his confidence grew, and he was glad he made that choice. Getting to work with seasoned professionals who shared a clear technological vision, gave him opportunities and support, and most of all trusted him, were exactly what Ofir needed in order to flourish: he took ownership over a project, learned new technologies, aced it

and delivered! While getting used to working from home and finding different ways to collaborate was a new challenge to him, Ofir rose to the occasion, expanded his comfort zone, and found his way to contribute, not just in his defined project, but also in sharing his knowledge with many others. It is no wonder than, that Ofir has now become a team leader, after only 15 months at Brix.

Ofir appreciates the unique freedom that Brix allows its employees: the freedom to be who you are and become the professional that you want to be, the flexibility, and the freedom – or obligation – to keep learning.

With the tremendous growth we’ve experienced in 2019, and a lot more to expect in 2020, we are proud we had the chance to allow Ofir, a valued developer, the opportunity to take his career to the next level.

Good luck, Ofir!

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