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Telling the Story of Brix Employees

Rosh Hashana, the new Jewish year, is a time for self-examination. In retrospect, תש"פ/5780 had been an eventful year for every person in Israel – from elections to peace agreements to the Corona pandemic on top of all. At Brix, we were blessed and lucky to had been more prepared to that change, thanks to our WFH policy. But we were also very blessed to have our business expand and keep hiring incredible talent, wherever they’re located in Israel. As a matter of fact, throughout the course of this Jewish year, since last Rosh Hashana, we’ve doubled ourselves!

In honor of our amazing employees, who invest their hearts and souls in what they’re doing, in honor of our inspiring leadership, who sets the bar high and pave the road to success, we would like to celebrate our diversity and flexibility, disclose some interesting facts about us and wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and successful new year!

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