Brix Software is a boutique software development group providing cutting edge solutions for Cross River, a global FinTech leader. Our rapidly growing technical team is responsible for some of the most important and innovative solutions being used today. Our employees enjoy the flexibility of working from home on their own schedules as we believe that leads to better software.


In nature, we’re somewhat of a hybrid company. Since 2019 we’ve more than tripled in size, and are fast-growing, much like a successful startup. We’re dynamic, agile, constantly changing and follow the technology, wherever it takes us. Unlike a startup, who needs to worry about funding, we’re fortunate to be backed by Cross River Bank, thus enjoying a stable financial background.


Our people are our most valued asset, and our core values reflect that: we treat our employees to salary and benefits that are competitive to the IL Hitech industry, and grant them the flexibility to manage their schedule in a manner that allows them to prioritize family and hobbies, and create the work/life balance that works best for them. To us, this is the key to having high performing teams, and our recipe for success. We also focus on learning – our team is a group of talented people who like to develop and grow. We invest in our employees, be it on their technological level or advancement of managerial skills, and encourage employee knowledge sharing.


Breaking the boundaries of a physical office allows us to find great talent, wherever they’re located in Israel. We pride ourselves in a dedicated group of seasoned professionals who are super intelligent, sharp talents, who are serious and passionate about their job. We enjoy a great mix of people: native Israelis and Olim from various countries, geographical diversity (from Ma’alot to Netivot, from Ashkelon to the Jordan Valley), with all kinds of religious backgrounds.

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